For those wagon lovers who would have preferred Porsche launched a Taycan load-lugger without raised suspension and exterior Cross treatment, well, the wait is most likely over. The manufacturer has just teased two models that it plans to reveal at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and we’re pretty sure one of them is the Taycan Sport Turismo.

We’ve seen Sport Turismo prototypes testing under camouflage on a number of occasions, although the information about the model’s market debut was never clear. Porsche never officially commented on the model, but earlier in the year a TaycanForum member saw on a dealer's screen that Porsche still had two more Taycan variants to launch - the Sport Turismo GTS and the GTS version of the sedan.

So the vehicle hiding under the cover on the left of the photo could also be the GTS variant of the three-box Taycan, but taking a few seconds to observe its outline (and the very obvious roof rails) and it’s pretty clear that it’s a wagon. We’re quite sure that’s the Sport Turismo, although we don’t know the specifics of the GTS powertrain, if that is indeed what it has.

The GTS badge has been used by Porsche on the 911, for instance, to designate a model that sits above the 4S in the lineup, but below the Turbo, and in the press release announcing the debut, Porsche says this new Taycan model will slot in between the existing Turbo and the 4S, strengthening our belief that it is indeed a GTS.

To that we would add that it may possibly even give buyers the choice between all- or rear-wheel drive setups. Porsche offers both, so it would not be a stretch to think it could also offer a powerful rear-driven version with a GTS badge.

How much power should we expect the GTS versions of the Taycan to have? Well, the Turbo’s two motors pump out 671 horsepower, while the 4S has 523 horsepower, so maybe the GTS will have around 600 horsepower. When it comes to the battery pack, we believe the GTS will only be available with the larger 93 kWh battery pack, but Porsche could also offer the smaller pack for those looking for the most agile Taycan possible, maybe on the rear-wheel drive version.

The press days at the LA Auto Show are November 17 and 18, so that’s when we exect Porsche to unveil both the new Taycan variant and the other vehicle hiding under a cover, which is most likely the hardcore 718 Cayman GT4 RS.

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