YouTube channel Wham Baam Dangercam recently posted a short video of a Porsche Taycan driving through deep floodwaters in China. This isn't the only video we've seen of EVs dealing with floods in China, and others have also posted videos of driving in the deep waters in a Taycan in other parts of the world.

As we've reported on numerous occasions, most electric cars may fare much better than gas cars while driving in deep water. This is because they don't have an intake, and there's no chance of "hydrolocking" since there's also no engine. That said, driving through flood conditions is scary, dangerous, and there's a good chance the car will end up with some damage.

RSEV - R Symons Electric Vehicles (@RSymonsLTD) just posted the following related videos on Twitter, though the flood is in the Uk rather than China:


The YouTube video embedded at the top of the page shows a Taycan driving in pouring rain in Xi'an, China. While this situation is certainly no joke, Wham Baam Dangercam writes:

"Porsche Taycan or Taycan't handle driving through deep waters? Pun intended. Check it out."

As you can see in the video, the water is rising and flowing quickly on some parts of the road. Gas-powered cars are stopped, either because the drivers are afraid and concerned about entering the deep water, or because the cars are already flooded and stalled. These drivers are wise not to venture into the floodwaters. 

Meanwhile, a Taycan driver proceeds through the water assuming the car will be okay. C'mon, Elon Musk has said EVs can work like boats for a time (and we've all seen it on social media).

While people shouldn't believe everything they read and see on social media, and the decision to drive through the deep water isn't wise, there are some cases when a driver may have no choice. This doesn't seem to be such a case, but the driver of the all-electric Porsche pushes forward anyhow. The car may end up being okay, but the driver could easily suffer injuries or die if the vehicle is swept away by the floodwaters.

Fortunately for the Taycan owner, the car made it through the water and he ended up being okay. He took the car to a local dealer and all the circuits were fine. However, the Taycan had a tree branch lodged in a fan, and there was debris in the car's frunk. Not surprisingly, the Porsche dealer advised against driving in deep water in the future.

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