Ford will offer the F-150 Lightning with a total of ten different paint color options, five fewer than what the Blue Oval offers for the regular internal combustion-engined model. The available colors are Atlas Blue, Iced Blue, Antimatter Blue, Rapid Red, Agate Black, Stone Gray, Carbonized Gray, Iconic Silver, Oxford White and Star White.

And of all those, just Star White and Rapid Red will cost you extra, $595 and $395 respectively. The paint options that the Lightning misses out but you can get on any other F-150 are really the more interesting and unusual ones available for the vehicle, Lead Foot, Smoked Quartz, Kodiak Brown, Guard (an army-like dark green) and Velocity Blue.

Gallery: Ford F-150 Colors

Now it’s one thing to see the colors in the online configurator app, and another to see the vehicles photographed out in the open, as this can have a big effect on how you perceive the color. Our spies recently snapped some photos of F-150 Lightnings in four different colors and we think we know which ones they shot.

The black vehicle is an F-150 Lightning Pro finished in Agate Black. The blue one is an XLT model and the color is Atlas Blue. The gray one we’re pretty sure is finished in Carbonized Gray and it’s also an XLT, while the red one we’re not really sure what exact model that is - the color is Rapid Red, the optional $395 paint finish.

Even with the relatively limited selection of available colors, and no unique Lightning colors, the electric F-150 has proven to be extremely popular. Ford received over 150,000 reservations for the model, but it recently announced it is postponing the opening of the order books by one month to December, you can still reserve one, though.

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