If you follow the electric vehicle space, or you're simply a fan of the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning, you're probably aware of Ford's recent Reservation Holder Events. We've already shared a few stories related to the events. However, this particular video stands out.

Why did it get our attention? We've told you before that we are always searching for new and unique video channels, and we're especially excited about female presenters, since there are so few shareable EV perspectives out there that come from women.

We were particularly happy to find Electrified Veronika's take on the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. There's not nearly enough female coverage of trucks in general, so it comes as no surprise there isn't a ton of this type of content related to the F-150 Lightning, but hopefully that changes going forward. We also appreciate the name of the video epsiode, "Married with Batteries by Electrified Veronika - Episode 006."

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The video is easy to watch, and these two do a solid job of providing details about the truck. They take us through the event as if we were there to experience it for ourselves. Veronika was amazed by the test ride. Ford isn't letting many people drive the truck themselves, but many folks have experienced a ride in the truck, which is enough to get a solid idea of how it performs.

Ford also showed off the truck's powertrain and battery pack. For new and upcoming EV owners, seeing the inner-workings is interesting. While most folks, even those with very little technical knowledge, have a basic idea of how traditional cars work, the same can't be said about EVs.

Veronika and her husband also enjoyed a demonstration of how the F-150 Lightning can power various tools, as well as a TV. They note that the event was packed with happy reservation holders and their familes. Veronika also made a point to share how friendly and helpful Ford's staff was througout the experience. She provided the following topics and timestamps along with the video:

0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - Ford Event Registration
2:15 - Test Ride in the All Electric Truck
4:52 - Powertrain Inspection - Battery, Inverter, E-Motor
5:57 - Ford F150 Lightning Truck in PERSON
8:37 - Charging Options
9:13 - Infotainment Screen
10:48 - Thank you Ford

After you've had an opportunity to check out Veronika's video, leave us a message in the comment section. Are you planning on buying an F-150 Lightning?

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