Tesla recently pushed version 10.2 of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software out to owners. This over-the-air update was a bit different since not only the original, early access FSD Beta testers received the update, but also all Tesla owners who paid for FSD and earned a perfect 100 out of 100 Tesla Safety Score.

We should begin to see many more reports and videos about the driving assistant as Tesla releases it to a wider audience. Soon, the automaker plans to launch version 10.3 and expand the beta test group to all owners with a score of 99 out of 100.

Tesla owner and YouTube influencer AI Addict isn't one of the new testers, but he's been providing excellent videos of Tesla's FSD Beta for some time now. If you haven't watched his videos, and you're somewhat skeptical of the technology, you should definitely give them your attention. AI Addict's videos tend to show more issues and disengagements than some of the other videos out there, which can help upcoming Beta testers get a better idea of what to expect.

The FSD Beta 10.2 video takes place in downtown San Jose, California. Since Tesla's Autopilot system, and especially Enhanced Autopilot, is capable of providing many of the same features as FSD, aside from the Autosteer on City Streets, which is still in Beta form, watching a city drive really makes the most sense at this point. 

As you can see from the topics and timestamps below, AI Addict directs attention to the car's shortfalls, and there are many. The car begins the video driving in a parking lane as if it's a driving lane. Not long after, it gets confused by railroad tracks, though it's not just a railroad crossing, but multiple converging tracks over the roadway.

While crossing an intersection, the Tesla doesn't seem to want to decide if it should turn left or go straight through. This causes it to appear as if it might drive into oncoming traffic, which forces a disengagement. However, the worst part is when the Tesla is turning right and almost drives directly into a metal pole.

0:00 introduction
1:37 Left Over Confusing Railroad Lane Lines
4:55 FSD Wonders Left (Should go Straight)
5:40 FSD Fails to Detect Metal Pole
6:20 Context Regarding Metal Pole
7:40 New Navigation Entered
10:00 Outro

What do you think of Tesla's FSD Beta? Scary? Making progress? Leave us your takeaways in the video below.

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