Before Elon Musk took the stage of Tesla's 2021 annual stockholders meeting in Austin, Texas, Robyn Denholm, the chair of Tesla's board, stated that the electric vehicle maker delivered over 800,000 EVs over the past 12 months and now employs almost 100,000 employees globally. She also spoke of the new production line in Shanghai and the company's need to grow much larger (you can watch the full meeting below). 

Moving To Texas But Not Leaving California

The big announcement happened soon after Musk grabbed the mic:

"I'm excited to announce that we're moving our headquarters to Austin, Texas."
2021 Tesla stockholders meeting Tesla Texas symbol

Tesla will be relocating its headquarters from California to Texas. This isn't much of a surprise since Musk himself has relocated to the Lone Star state. And once Giga Texas is built, the company plans for continued expansion in Texas.

However, Musk stressed that the company is not leaving California. Tesla is planning on expanding operations at their and aims to increase output there by 50 percent. 

Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster Production 

The supply chain shortage has pushed many things back for Tesla as it has for many other automakers. The Cybertruck is one of those things. Production was supposed to start late this year but it was delayed to 2022. Volume production starts in 2023. 

The production of the Tesla Semi and Roadster start in 2023. 

4680 Battery Cells

Tesla currently has a 4680 battery cell pilot production line (about 10 GWh a year) near its Fremont factory. Musk stated that 4680 cells will not be made in Texas this year, but production will start next year with volume production starting late next year. The same goes for Model Y production in Texas. 

Full-Self Driving (FSD) Beta

The release of FSD beta 10.2 is still on schedule for today. Musk says a little over 1,000 owners have a perfect safety score of 100 and will be the first to get access. He admitted that the Safety Score system is still far from perfect and claimed he forgot his personal score. 

Future Gigafactories

Elon Musk said Tesla currently doesn't know the next location of the company's next Gigafactory but said it will be scouting for a new location next year and will decide in 2023. 

It Won't Be Called The Model 2

When asked about the $25k Tesla Model 2, Musk quickly said it won't be called the Model 2, but didn't say anything else about Tesla's upcoming affordable model. We know the compact EV is currently being designed in China and could be revealed next year. Could it be the Model Z? 

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More 2021 Stockholders Meeting News And Announcements

  • Tesla has delivered a record amount of vehicles
  • The Model 3 became the best-selling premium vehicle globally
  • Model Y sales should exceed Model 3 sales in 2023 when volume production is reached
  • Tesla is open to licensing its autonomy tech to other automakers 
  • Three new Tesla Gigafactories on three continents (Shanghai, Texas, Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • The Shanghai Gigafactory now exceeds Fremont in production
  • Tesla wants all Gigafactories to have a battery cell production line
  • Tesla believes battery recycling is critical 
  • A Tesla van will happen in the future

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