Over the past few months, and really into earlier this week, it seemed the Tesla Cybertruck may not come to market for some time. Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have stopped making an influx of references to the upcoming electric pickup truck, and Musk even avoided a question about its timelines. 

Musk was sharing about the Cybertruck on Twitter not long ago, when someone asked him about the status of the Cybertruck deliveries late this year, with regard to Giga Texas. Musk avoided the question and responded that the Model Y will come first and be in limited production in Texas in 2021. This immediately made some people think the Cybertruck was delayed.


However, more recently, Musk replied to another Twitter user, outspoken investor Gary Black, saying there would likely be a Cybertruck delivery update in Q2.


It seems the update Musk was referring to has arrived. Peyton (@peytonlschaefer) just tweeted yesterday that the Cybertruck is now confirmed for late 2021 production. Depending on who you talk to, this was already confirmed, so now it's being reiterated in the midst of upcoming electric pickup truck rivals, including Rivian R1T production and deliveries, as well as the unveiling of Ford's F-150 Lightning.

Tesla sent an official email to Cybertruck reservation-holders with the following message:

“Hello from Tesla! Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a Tesla Owner! The Cybertruck will start production in late 2021 and will be an exciting time for everyone. We have exciting news! We opened a new location in Fort Myers! Since the Cybertruck has yet to be released, we would like to extend an invitation to test drive a Model that is currently available. We have the Model 3 and Y available for test driving.”


Interestingly, chatter on social media suggests that not all Cybertruck reservation-holders received the email, and there are a ton of folks who put down a deposit. However, it was also confirmed that many people did, in fact, get the same message from Tesla.

This makes us wonder why Peyton and some others got an email, but many people did not. We'll be keeping our eyes out for more people sharing the email online. Even better, we hope Tesla provides some sort of more official statement to the public.

We know Tesla is laser-focused on the Model Y and Model 3 at the moment. Musk just confirmed that the Model Y coming out of its future Gigafactory in Austin, Texas will arrive with the new 4680 cells.

The cells are arguably a "musk-have" – sorry, we had to – for the Cybertruck, so it makes sense that Tesla would begin alerting reservation-holders of the possibilities. Unfortunately, Tesla has been all over the place with its timelines, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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