Tesla's Elon Musk was recently asked about the battery cell type in the Tesla Model Y that will be produced at the Tesla Giga Austin plant in Texas (currently under construction).

There are two options - the cylindrical 2170 type (used in Fremont and in China) or the all-new cylindrical 4680 type (under development and produced on a pilot-scale).

The answer was short and clear: 4680 type, right from the start.


That's a very important update because as we know, the Model Y is expected to enter production in Texas by the end of this year. It would mean that the 4680 will also be used by the end of this year.

Initially, the supply of the 4680 cells might be limited, as the volume production is up to 12-18 months away according to the previous update in late April.

Anyway, it's great to hear that this new Model Y will be equipped with the latest tech right from the start. We don't know how it will translate into range, performance and prices yet.

Tesla has an outstanding plan to launch this new type, combined with the structural battery and megacastings, in parallel with the continued production of the current 2170 version at the Fremont plant.

We can only assume that initially there will be only one version of the Made-in-Texas (MIT) Model Y and possibly priced higher than the current one (especially if better) to secure a smooth transition from the demand perspective.

The second model assigned to the Tesla Giga Austin plant is the Tesla Cybertruck and as far as we know, it will also use the 4680 cells.

Other vehicles that are expected to use 4680 cells are the Tesla Model Y that will be produced in Germany, as well as Tesla Semi and Tesla Roadster.

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