The Tesla Cybertruck proved to get a ton of attention even before it was revealed. Once Tesla unveiled it, there were certainly mixed opinions about its crazy design. However, whether you love it or hate it, it worked to get people talking, and even though it may be a long time coming, it's still the most popular future electric pickup truck, at least according to a recent survey.

CarGurus' 2021 Electric Vehicle Sentiment Survey was published in March 2021. We'll be fair here to point out up front, there was no word on an official F-150 Lightning pickup truck when the survey was administered, so we're interested in knowing if Ford's reveal of the truck's name and the upcoming debut event will change the results. However, that's a different story for a different day, and we'll have to wait and see if the electric F-150's popularity rises in the near future.

The PDF report is relatively lengthy, and it has lots of interesting information. However, we're just focusing on the electric pickup truck survey here. If you click on the link in the paragraph above, you can check out the whole report.

Tesla has always had the ability to grab the media's attention, despite the fact that it doesn't advertise in the traditional sense. While some hardcore car fans might assume a legacy OEM's upcoming electric pickup would get more positive attention, especially when compared to the weird and wild Cybertruck, that doesn't seem to be the case here. In addition, other surveys and studies in the past have also highlighted the Cybertruck's popularity.

Check out the slide below for details from the CarGurus survey:


Basically, the respondents were asked many questions, but this one was specific to future electric pickup trucks. The question read, "Would you consider these electric pickup trucks in particular?" The available answers were "Yes," "No," and "Not Sure."

As you can see, even though Ford hadn't even officially announced the Lightning, people were already almost as interested in it as the Tesla Cybertruck. However, that GMC Hummer EV didn't fare nearly as well.

For more details, check out CarGurus Report (linked above) and/or the source link below.

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