has laid out how Tesla owners can get Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta now that the button has rolled out. He explained this using his usual platform, Twitter.

If Tesla owners want FSD beta, it’s not as simple as pressing the new button on the screen, they need to receive a high score from the new Safety Score system.


Tesla has rolled out a Safety Score system (which is also still being developed) that analyzes driving habits and gives owners a score. The earliest owners who can get FSD beta need a perfect score of 100. Later, owners who get a score of 99, 98, and so on can get it.

So far, we’ve heard that getting a score of 100 is very difficult. Not only that, since the Safety Score system is still being developed, it’s far from perfect.

Yesterday we reported that Brooks Weisblat from the DragTimes YouTube channel posted a video about how the system was scoring him. If you watch the video, you’ll see that the Safety Score system let him “drive too fast, ignore red lights, and not use his turn signal.” Although, the system will take points away for braking too hard (even if it's not your fault), turning too fast, and following too close.


Currently, FSD beta 10.1 is out, but according to another Musk tweet, version 10.2 will be released a week from Friday. Once released, Musk claims they will increase FSD beta access to about 1,000 owners a day, but prioritizing the safety rating.

Just keep in mind that FSD beta comes with the promise of eventually offering self-driving, but it’s hard to say by when. Currently, the system needs full driver attention because it’s still in development and is a Level 2 driver assistance system. However, FSD beta is currently one of the most advanced (if not the most advanced) driver assistance system that’s available on production vehicles.

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