In recent days, Tesla has opened its first ever Supercharging stations in Africa. There are two of them right now, both in Morocco, in the northern part of the country.

The stations are located in Tangier and Casablanca and both equipped with four V2 Supercharging stalls (up to 150 kW):

Tesla Superchargers in Europe - October 2, 2021
Tesla Superchargers in Europe - October 2, 2021

At this point, it's not clear whether Tesla is really expanding its business (there is no service center or store in Morocco right now), or it's just more of a support for travelers on a popular route.

Usually, first Tesla has to recognize substantial demand for new cars to enter a new market and in Africa that is not the case yet. As demand for new cars is high in existing markets, there is also no strong incentive to expand into smaller car markets.

However, sooner or later, Tesla is expected to gradually open stores and service centers also in Africa. A Supercharging network will be part of that.


Tesla is expanding the Supercharging network at a very high rate of almost 3 stations per day - (at least that was the average in the Q2 2021) and about 26 stalls per day.

The number of new stations is now probably well above 3,000, while the number of individual stalls should be at about 30,000.

With outstanding reliability and satisfaction scores, the Tesla Supercharging network is considered the top solution for long-distance driving in an electric car. In the near future, the company intends to open the network to non-Tesla EVs, but it might be limited only to some selected markets in the beginning.

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