One of Tesla's new investments in China, the Shanghai Supercharger plant, was recently completed and is ready to ramp up to full speed.

The site was initially launched in February 2021 (see also the flyover video), with a goal to produce 10,000 V3 (250 kW) Supercharging stalls per year. Assuming 10 stalls per station on average, it would be enough for 1,000 stations.

CnEVPost reports that the numbers are valid for 22-hour operation, 300 days per year.

Currently, there are more than 900 Tesla Supercharging stations in China, and more than 7,000 stalls. With the new plant, this number can grow quickly.

We assume that Tesla will also export the Superchargers from China to other countries - at least in Asia.

Of course, this is a relatively small plant (under 5,000 m2 according to previous reports) compared to the the Giga Shanghai car plant.


Globally, Tesla has more than 3,000 Supercharging stations (2,966 with 26,900 individual connectors as of the end of Q2 2021).

That's a massive piece of infrastructure that gives Tesla a special kind of advantage over other manufacturers, which have to rely on general fast-charging networks, which are not necessarily as convenient or reliable.

It's expected that in the near future Tesla will further accelerate the deployment of the network as well as open it to other EVs, through an app feature to unlock charging. According to various rumors, Tesla might open first stations to non-Tesla EVs pretty soon (at least in 2021).

Tesla develops a dynamic pricing approach that will include not only the energy dispensed but also charging power output (because the time of occupying a stall is also very valuable). On top of that comes the peak/off-peak hours factor.

Only time will tell how competitive this offer will be and how it changes the overall charging market.


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