If you wonder how the new Tesla Shanghai Supercharger plant looks, here is a short video of the facility recorded by WU WA on February 4, 2021.

The factory is relatively small (under 5,000 m2) and simple, nowhere near the size of the Giga Shanghai car plant, which makes us wonder why it was not integrated withinGiga Shanghai?

"The factory is located approximately 6 km east from the Shanghai plant and leases a local company's warehouse. The charging pile factory is located on Tiangao Road. There is no prominent Tesla logo at the factory gate and the factory building is not different from the surrounding buildings."

Maybe the location is better (logistic, proximity to suppliers) or there were some special, additional incentives to set-up a separate site just for the production of the Superchargers?

Anyway, the investment is estimated at RMB 42 million ($6.5 million), which includes the production line and R&D.

The initial capacity will be 10,000 Superchargers (individual stalls with necessary power electronics, we believe) annually. Mainly the latest 250 kW V3 versions.

Having local production of the fast charging equipment allows not only to end imports from the U.S., but also increase the scale. As of the end of 2020, Tesla had 2,564 stations, with 23,277 individual connectors (stalls).

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