The anticipation for Rivian’s first production model, the R1T electric pickup truck, is through the roof right now as the EV startup prepares to kick off US deliveries later this month.

Arguably the most important thing people want to know about the R1T is how far it can go on a full charge, and MotorTrend’s exclusive first drive review may offer a strong hint at that.

We’re talking about the short video review dedicated to the R1T’s interior where presenter Christian Seabaugh scrolls through the various menus of the infotainment system and, for a few moments, opens the screen dedicated to charging (at the 44-second mark in the video below).

The folks from Rivian Stories caught that and started a discussion on their video podcast regarding the range of the R1T based on that particular screen menu. In the top left corner, the screen shows that the truck is charging and has 190 miles of range at the current state of charge.


But the more interesting part is on the screen’s top right corner where we have a Range submenu that reads Trip 301 miles, Extended 252 miles, and Daily 200 miles. Theoretically, that means the R1T’s EPA-estimated maximum range should be close to 300 miles (483 kilometers) on 20-inch all-terrain wheels.

If that turns out to be accurate, it’s not bad at all, and remember Rivian will also offer a larger battery pack promising an estimated 400 miles (644 km) of range.

Now, the big question is whether the EPA rating will be for the four-motor mode or two-motor mode—from the MotorTrend story, we learned that the R1T can switch off two motors to extend range.

Obviously, at this point this is merely speculation, so we should wait for Rivian’s official ratings and, more importantly, the EPA’s. It shouldn’t take that long considering that CEO RJ Scaringe recently confirmed that deliveries would start this month. The exact date remains unknown, though.

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