In June, Tesla once again significantly increased its EV sales in China, reaching one of the highest levels ever.

The total volume (sales and export) - according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA)'s data (via Reuters and Moneyball's reports) - stands at 33,155 Made-in-China (MIC) Model 3/Model Y, which appears to be the third-highest monthly result ever! The year-over-year growth stands at over 122%!

* CPCA reports wholesale shipments, not registrations/deliveries.

The past four months were actually the best four months for Tesla Giga Shanghai sales:


The number of 33,155 includes:

  • 28,138 MIC Tesla cars sold in China (up 88% year-over-year and the 2nd best result ever)
  • 5,017 cars exported (only the Model 3 is exported).

It's noteworthy that no other manufacturer managed to export so many electric cars (SAIC noted 2,300, BYD 215 and JAC 127).

In the past three months, Tesla Giga Shanghai exported over 30,000 MIC Tesla Model 3. We guess that most of them were sent to Europe (Standard Range Plus version) and contributed to the record overall result in the second quarter.


MIC Tesla Model 3 sales in China

The MIC Tesla Model 3 sales in China improved by 10% year-over-year to 16,515, while additional 5,017 units were exported for a total of 21,532.


MIC Tesla Model Y sales in China

The MIC Tesla Model Y continues its ramp-up and sales in China, but in June the volume was a little bit lower than in May - 11,623.

It's probably a temporary decrease, especially since a more affordable, entry-level version soon will enter the market in China (more on that in a separate post soon).


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