Honda has officially confirmed to InsideEVs' sister site Motor1 that it will conclude the production of the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and Clarity Fuel Cell in August 2021.

The decision to discontinue the plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell version comes after in early 2020 the company discontinued the all-electric Honda Clarity Electric.

The overall sales of the Clarity were not too high, at just 1,896 during the first five months of this year, and we believe that the Clarity Fuel Cell sales were very low.

The decision means that the U.S. market is losing a plug-in hybrid with the longest-range (47 miles/76 km in EV mode).

2020 honda clarity plug-in hybrid
Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

The Japanese manufacturer makes significant adjustments to its lineup. By March 2022, the company will close its factory in Sayama, Japan that produces Honda Legend and Odyssey models (non plug-in) and the Clarity models (PHEV/FCV).

The Odyssey for the U.S. is produced also in Alabama, which means it will still be available. The Honda Legend was sold in the U.S. as the Acura RLX, but it was already removed from the lineup.

Ultimately, Honda will go electric (BEVs or FCVs), however, its timeline is quite far:

  • 40% (in all major markets) by 2030
  • 80% (in all major markets) by 2035
  • 100% (globally) by 2040

The first new all-electric model in the U.S. to arrive in 2024, thanks to the partnership with GM. Those will be two new large-sized EV models (one from Honda and one from Acura).

Honda's in-house e:Architecture EV platform will follow in the second half of the 2020s.

See the full statement:

"The entire Clarity series played a valuable role in advancing Honda’s portfolio approach to electrification, which is an important aspect of our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.

Now, with a commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, Honda has set a target to make 100% of our vehicles sales battery-electric (BEV) or fuel cell electric (FCEV) by 2040.

We are evolving our strategy with a focus on increased application of our two-motor hybrid system to core models in advance of the introduction of our first volume BEV models in 2024.

Consistent with this strategy, Honda will conclude production of the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and Clarity Fuel Cell in August 2021. This will ensure we have the Clarity Fuel Cell available for lease through 2022, and Honda will continue to support our Clarity customers in the marketplace.

FCEVs will play a key role in our zero emissions strategy, which is being advanced by our joint manufacturing and development agreements. We continue to make significant investments in fuel cell infrastructure and battery technology."

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