Million-dollar purpose-built supercar or large all-electric family sedan to dominate at the track and on the strip? It wasn't long ago that there was only one right answer to that question. Anyone choosing may large sedan would have a tough time holding their own against the world's quickest and fastest cars. However, now, if you don't choose the Tesla Model S Plaid you lose.

As if the all-new Tesla Model S Plaid wasn't enough on its own, Unplugged Performance has modified it and put famous race car driver Randy Pobst in the driver's seat to put it through the paces. Unplugged calls this 'Alien Technology' as people can't believe, or don't want to believe, that the Model S Plaid can leave supercars in the dust.

The Tesla-centric aftermarket company headed to Laguna Seca Raceway on Saturday, June 12, 2021, for a surprise debut of the 2021 Pikes Peak Plaid race car. The visit provided Pobst with his first opportunity to drive and experience the Plaid's "alien technology."

As Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the Model S Plaid delivery event:

"Sustainable energy cars can be the fastest cars, the safest cars, the most kick-ass cars in every way. That’s why we did the Plaid.”

No one NEEDS a sub-2-second family sedan. There's really no reason for a car to complete a quarter-mile run in 9.24 seconds, except to break world records and prove to the world that electric powertrains are the way of the future.

Similarly, no one needs a million-dollar supercar. At least after spending $130,000 on the Model S Plaid, people will be able to use the car as a daily driver, with plenty of roomy for passengers and cargo. The same can't be said about folks spending millions on a race car.

As you can see in the video above, the Model S Plaid passes the McLaren P1 as if it was standing still. In fact, that's exactly what the owner and driver of the McLaren said about the experience. The Plaid easily leaves the McLaren Senna and Porsche 991 GT3 RS in the dust as well.

Clips of videos from the recent Plaid run at Laguna Seca have been circulating around social media, and it's interesting to read the comments. Many people are clearly upset. They don't believe it. They think it's fake or CGI. They are touting gas cars and disparaging electric cars, complete with fake stories about charging times, electric car pollution, child labor for rare earth minerals, and more.

People don't like change. However, if they're true car lovers in pursuit of record-breaking performance, they should accept the Model S Plaid and congratulate Tesla rather than harassing it.

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