The all-new Tesla Model S Plaid is the hottest EV of the day and as new reports emerge, let's take a more detailed look at this new model with DragTimes.

The video presents the event and includes talks with VIPs and Tesla's representatives. As expected, DragTimes tested the car right away, noting the acceleration results of the car at the track:

  • 0-60 mph in 2.74 s
  • 1/8 mile in 6.63 seconds at 98.04 mph (158 km/h)

The results are significantly below the specs, but the car probably was partially discharged already and with several passengers.

One of the most interesting things is the overview of the interior and infotainment. There are three driving modes: Chill, Sport and Plaid modes - the last one with the Drag Strip Mode. In the future, there might be also a track mode, at least according to one of the engineers (via DragTimes).

Another very important insight is about the yoke steering wheel. The first impression is that it's weird and definitely will require some time to get used to. It must be reviewed in the real world to say whether it's a good solution or not.

After launching one of the games, the image quality was good, and the sound turned out to be really good.

The rear screen turns out to be a little bit too small for the UI, but you can watch or play something, independently from the front.

The video ends with a brief look at the Tesla Model X Plaid that coming next, after the refreshed Model S.

Tesla Model S Plaid specs

  • 390 miles (628 km) of EPA est. range
  • battery capacity: N/A
  • 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 1.99 seconds (*with rollout subtracted)
  • 1/4 Mile 9.23@155 mph trap speed
  • top speed of 200 mph (322 km) †when equipped with the proper wheels and tires (available fall 2021)
  • three-motor all-wheel drive (one motor in the front and two motors in the rear)
  • system output: 1,020 hp (about 760 kW)
  • DC fast charging: at up to 250 kW (Superchargers)
    can replenish 187 miles (301 km) in 15 minutes
  • Drag Coefficient 0.208 Cd
  • Wheels 19" or 21"
  • Cargo 28 cu ft
  • Weight 4,766 lbs (2,162 kg)
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