The latest Tesla Fremont Flyover's video of the Tesla Factory in Fremont ahead of the Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event on June 10 (watch livestream here) reveals that the scene is basically ready.

In the central point we can see two covered cars - probably the refreshed Model S and Model X, as well as a car mockup or something, rotated by 90° to show the undercarriage with a sign "CD 0.208".

It's not a new number, but it seems that Tesla will make it one of the main points. The company's website already says that the new Tesla Model S is the "Lowest-drag car on Earth."

Plaid Event Prep - Jun 10, 2021 (source: Tesla Fremont Flyover)
Plaid Event Prep - Jun 10, 2021 (source: Tesla Fremont Flyover)

That's a quite interesting number, as it beats not only the Lucid Air, known for high efficiency but also the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Lucid is rated at 0.21, which at the time of 2020 allowed it to write that it's the best, among luxury cars:

"Lucid verified a coefficient of drag of 0.21, making the Lucid Air the world’s most aero-efficient luxury car."

When the Mercedes-Benz EQS was announced, it raised the bar higher, to 0.209 (see specs here), which is just 0.01 behind Tesla!

The German manufacturer still might have an upper hand, as its lower-grade rear-wheel-drive version will be "0.20". That's not necessarily an apples to apples comparison, as Tesla Model S is only all-wheel drive.

Anyway, we can clearly see that state-of-the-art EVs are pushing the aerodynamics of the car to levels unheard of in the car industry. The obvious reason is to maximize the highway range, as battery energy is one of the most precious things to conserve.

Tesla Model S Plaid drag coefficient
Tesla Model S Plaid drag coefficient
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