A China-based Tesla owner has come forward in apology to Tesla after he published a video on TikTok showing Model X brake failure. The TikTok user said the video was a fake skit and for entertainment purposes only. Our question, who was he trying to entertain? Certainly not Tesla or its fans or owners.

As the story goes, Tesla's legal team reportedly reached out to a Tesla owner and TikTok user in China after he put a video on the platform that could potentially damage the automaker. This all comes after protests in China related to unconfirmed braking issues related to Tesla's vehicles.

Tesla has started working more closely with regulators in China, as well as cracking down on misinformation campaigns. After reportedly being contacted by Tesla's legal team, the video maker issued a public apology to Tesla. Apparently, he has owned his Model X for over three years and never had any problems with its brakes.


This isn't the first apology related to brake failure claims in China. In fact, even some media outlets have apologized to Tesla for publishing unproven and/or unsubstantiated claims, which could certainly be damaging to the company. Sadly, once stories like these are published, the damage has already been done. This is true even if a media outlet or individual takes down the false claims and apologizes.

According to Teslarati, another TikTok user recently admitted that she made up false claims about Tesla's vehicles and posted them on the platform. Tesla's legal team reportedly issued her a letter with a takedown request.

Tesla has made it clear via Weibo that it will not tolerate false claims, and it's going to be cracking down on such incidents going forward. Since Tesla doesn't advertise in the traditional sense, and it doesn't officially have a PR team, claims such as these have been allowed to fester many times in the past.

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