Stellantis-owned Citroen won’t start selling its cars in the United States any time soon, but Americans will be able to experience the automaker’s smallest electric offering, the funny looking Ami. It will be brought over for the Free2Move car-sharing scheme (originally owned by PSA, now under Stellatis’ wing) that has been present the US, in Washington DC, since 2018 (and it’s set to expand to Portland, Oregon soon).

The Citroen Ami is not really a car, though, but more of a four-wheeled electric scooter that also shields you from the rain. It will surely provide a very unique experience to people in the United States who have probably never experienced such a vehicle. There was no official press release announcing all of this, just a Linkedin post on Free2Move's official account, where the vehicle’s name is not mentioned, but we can clearly see it’s the Ami.

Gallery: Citroën Ami

Specs wise, the Ami is predictably not very impressive, although it is adequate for its role as a zero-emissions city runabout. Its electric motor has an output of just 6 kW (8 horsepower), so its top speed is only 45 km/h (28 mph), while its claimed range is 70 km (43.4 miles) courtesy of its 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

We don’t know if the Ami (which is built in Morocco) will be modified in order to be legal for US roads, but right now we don’t even have the official confirmation that it’s coming. In fact, the Linkedin post is more like a teaser than an official announcement, so no information was shared. Currently, Free2Move allows you to rent their vehicles for as many as seven days at a rate of around $50 per day.

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