I'm sure many readers passed on this as soon as they saw that a kid was reviewing a Tesla Model 3 Performance — the most expensive and fastest iteration of Tesla's midsize electric sedan. I obviously didn't. I was very curious about what a kid thinks about a Tesla, how one would review one, and why a kid would even bother to review a car. Kids can't drive them, can't buy them, and I don't think most care about them. So what gives? 

With the exception of a select few, the majority of kids probably don't even notice the existence of the majority of cars on the road. Even older kids seem less interested in cars now than before (aside from supercars). But Teslas and other EVs are different and I think many kids see them as smart devices and not cars. If the presenter's dad drove a Volkswagen Golf, do you think she would have done a review on it? Probably not. Even if he drove a Golf R I still doubt she would have much interest in reviewing it. 

Most kids have seen their parents drive around boring ICE-equipped vehicles for their entire lives, and I think future car buyers want what's next. Kids and young adults like technology, and Teslas and most other EVs are basically technology on wheels

In her short review, she talks about the Tesla's instant acceleration, large screen, over-the-air updates, Netflix, and rear seat room. With the exception of the rear seats, it's all about tech. I'm surprised she didn't mention the arcade games or the fart noises. To sum it up, kids think Teslas and other EVs are cool because they are different, they are the future, and more importantly, they are quite similar to cell phones. 

By the time she is able to buy a car, the prices of EVs will be about the same as ICE vehicles, and battery technology will have improved along with the charging infrastructure. I think we all know what type of vehicle she will likely go for once she is able to drive. I believe kids will have their part in the automotive industry's EV revolution as soon as they are able to buy their own vehicle. 

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