Tesla's Toilet Humor mode put to use.

It takes just a few well-timed farts to scare off this would-be Tesla Supercharger blocker.

If you roll up to a Tesla Supercharger that happens to be blocked by a gas car (often referred to as ICEd), no worries. Simply use this fart mode trick to scare away the offender.

ICE-ing is becoming a common problem at Superchargers. This is the act of a non-electric car blocking charging stalls. In fact, some pickup truck drivers team up to block entire charging sites.

Tesla Model X Tows Gas Truck Away From Supercharger: Video

There are various methods being employed to prevent this, but perhaps farting is the easiest way.

Video description:

How to get rid of ICE Car Blocking Tesla Supercharger MUST WATCH even if you don’t understand Chinese!

Just be sure to watch it until the end when the real humor begins.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet back in November the inclusion of this Toilet Humor Mode. It makes your Tesla fart. Like whoopie cushion type farts, but it’s sadly not activated when one sits in a seat. It’s done on-demand or by activation of the turn signal

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