On May 29, 2020, we asked if Rivian would offer its own insurance policies, as Tesla does. Almost one year later, the electric vehicle startup confirmed that would really be the case. In Rivian’s case, that makes even more sense considering the R1T and the R1S are meant more for off-roading than regular roads. According to the company, Rivian Insurance will give owners peace of mind to do just that.

That’s consistent with the company’s plan to offer the best ownership experience possible. On April 2, it announced the Rivian Remote Care, which would concentrate on mobile services. It would be both more convenient to clients and would also avoid having crowded service centers.

Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen

Rivian plans to offer its insurance in 40 states right from the beginning, integrated with the digital ordering process for any of the company’s vehicles. The policies will cover not only off-road activity but also accessories, such as the Rooftop Tent and Rivian’s most famous item, the Camp Kitchen. The final goal is to have it available anywhere Rivian EVs are sold.

The logic behind offering Rivian Insurance deserves compliments. As a startup, Rivian does not want to be subject to what legacy insurance companies will say it costs to repair its vehicles. A minor crash could mean a write-off. With Rivian Insurance, the automaker plans to offer lower premiums, less time in body shops, and a no-hassle experience when dealing with accidents – which are already a massive headache.

The curious bit is that the Rivian Insurance will get cheaper for the people who use the Active Driving Assistance that is part of the Driver+ safety pack. That’s the name for Rivian’s equivalent to Autopilot. The more you use Active Driving Assistance, the cheaper your Rivian Insurance gets.

The automotive startup is yet to tell us more about how Active Driving Assistance works, if it works anywhere or only on mapped roads, etc. While we wait for more information, we think that Rivian reservation holders must be pretty excited to get their cars. Not only for what they promise to offer but also for the experience Rivian is trying to create around them.

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