Forums are a great source of information, as they have proven to us over the years. That is valid for all brands, including the ones that still did not deliver anything, such as Rivian. According to a recent post at, the startup will create its own insurance policy.

The user MilesK said he had already heard rumors about that and that two job postings confirmed the story. One of them is for a Rivian Insurance Agency Sales Manager position. That job description expressly mentions “Rivian insurance products,” “Rivian insurance sales,” and other elements that allow us to conclude the company will have such a product “to ensure a high level of client retention and Rivian brand loyalty.”

The second job offer, for “Program Manager, Collision Repair Program,” is not in Normal, but in Plymouth, Michigan. It asks candidates to “support the design and execution of Rivian’s Global Collision Repair Program.” The task will also demand “liaison to the Insurance Industry.”

The key here is precisely to make Rivian buyers feel safe with their cars. Both these customers and repair shops have to be ok with the fixing costs. Any lack of knowledge about its products and how to repair them may imply unnecessary total losses, for example.

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If you believe this is just another company copying a Tesla solution, know that new companies may need to create their insurances precisely due to Tesla and Autopilot, as some of the posts in that thread suggest. 

Although Rivian does not plan to offer any sort of assistance like Autopilot, insurance companies still deem it more like a liability than as a cost-cutting device. This and battery pack prices may be the reason why Teslas are so expensive to insure. Being similar to Tesla in many aspects, Rivian vehicles may face the same difficulties.


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