It will be revealed on April 19.

Akio Toyoda mentioned more than once he wanted the transition to EVs to be more gradual and safe – for legacy automakers such as his. But that’s not going to happen. In order not to be left in the dust, Toyota had to rush its plans to make an electric car, and the first one will be revealed on April 19. Part of the Beyond Zero initiative, this car is probably already familiar.

Toyota - six BEVs for global deployment

Toyota itself already presented the six electric cars it plans to sell in the future. On top of that, we published patent images of two of these EVs on June 24, 2020, and on March 15, 2021. The video above gives us a hint about which of these vehicles will be the first to be revealed.

Compare the images below with what the profile the video presents:

The teaser of the first electric SUV Toyota
Toyota Crossover Design Trademark Driver Side

It seems to be one of the largest electric crossovers Toyota intends to sell. And it makes perfect sense: larger, more expensive electric cars are more likely to be profitable from the very beginning. They will also have lower volumes, which will help Toyota scale production up before offering a profitable and affordable EV.

There’s another teaser that confirms this larger crossover will probably be the first to be presented, as you can see below:

The teaser of the first electric SUV Toyota
Toyota Crossover Design Trademark Driver Side

At first, our impression was that all these electric cars would present solid-state batteries. Toyota said it would present the technology at the Tokyo Olympic Games – supposed to happen in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic struck us – and that the production version would be for sale in 2024.

As governments rush to make combustion-engined vehicles illegal as soon as possible, Toyota does not have time to wait for the technology to be mature anymore. It will probably start selling its EVs with the cells currently available and put solid-state batteries in these cars as soon as possible. Let’s hope the company discloses its intentions on April 19.

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