Tesla CEO Elon Musk has tweeted new information about Full-Self Driving (FSD) Beta. Replying to a tweet about the current FSD Beta system, Musk said V9.0 is almost ready and that it's a significant improvement. 

What’s interesting is the fact that the system will stop using the radar sensor and solely rely on the cameras. Teslas have one forward-facing radar sensor, eight cameras, and twelve ultrasonic sensors. 


The single radar sensor won’t be used anymore and Musk confirmed that Tesla will be dropping it from production and won’t use it as a backup. Musk is known for not wanting to use lidar sensors and that’s now the case with radar sensors. It seems Musk and his team are adamant about just using cameras.  


The tweet also mentions FSD will improve with “weird corner cases and bad weather.” The bad weather part is obvious but some might be unfamiliar with weird corner cases, also referred to as edge cases. They are basically very difficult driving situations that the system might not have ever encountered before. A very out-of-the-ordinary circumstance that rarely happens like strange unprotected left turns. 

Unprotected left turns is one area that FSD Beta needs to improve on. One FSD Beta tester did a whole video on one particular unprotected lefthand turn, and it was a little scary to watch. But at the same time, FSD Beta also impresses. This video shows FSD performing well in several edge cases. If you want to see what FSD Beta “sees” superimposed over regular video footage, check out out this video

Tesla is expanding the amount of FSD Beta testers, the latest figure was 2,000. Soon, there will be an FSD Beta button for Tesla owners to press if they want to try the system. 

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