The mystery of Tesla’s yoke steering wheel continues. Some of us have heard enough about this while others still can’t get enough of it. I lean toward the latter. Ever since January when we first saw the images of the yoke steering wheel on Tesla’s website, it has been a roller coaster ride of conflicting information. One thing is for sure, the yoke is happening but we don’t know when it will be approved or if it will be a standard or optional feature. If refreshed Model S and X deliveries weren’t delayed, we might have known by now. 

The last thing we heard was that initial refreshed Model S deliveries would have the traditional round steering wheel and once the yoke is approved, Tesla would retrofit it to the vehicles of customers that want it. Now, thanks to the video shared by The Kilowatts on Twitter, it appears the yoke steering wheel could be standard equipment. 


It’s difficult to believe that Tesla will have the yoke as a standard feature and not an optional one because a lot of customers who ordered the refreshed Model S don’t want it. I think it’s safe to say that because this race car type of steering wheel is completely foreign to most drivers and the legality of it hasn’t been determined yet. 

According to Teslarati:

Others [Tesla showrooms] have said that the Yoke will only be available with the Plaid and Plaid+ variants, and others simply have no clue. Teslarati spoke with several different Tesla showrooms around the country today, all of the conversations just confirming that nobody really knows what the ultimate plan for the Yoke is. One showroom said all three Model S vehicles would equip the Yoke because the online design studio shows all three cars with a Yoke, leaving out the option of a full-circle steering wheel. Another showroom location said Tesla had not detailed any steering wheel design options.

Since Tesla hasn’t released an official statement on the yoke string wheel and showrooms don’t seem to know, we will just have to wait until refreshed models get delivered or maybe Tesla CEO Elon Musk will tweet more information about it soon. 

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