After the first quarter sales numbers came out, we realized that Tesla has already sold more than one million Model 3 and Model Y (the manufacturer provides only a combined result for the 3 and Y).

The total number of Model 3/Model Y cumulatively sold through the end of March 2021 is about 1,074,046 (actually, slightly more than that as we await the final Q1 result).

We guess that Model 3 alone will soon reach 1 million units, as the first electric car ever to do so:

  • Tesla Model 3 - probably above 950,000 (since mid-2017)
  • Tesla Model Y - probably above 100,000 (since early 2020)

The cumulative sales of Model S/Model X stand at over 510,000, which is also quite a high number.

The total number of Tesla EVs on the road is above 1.5 million (about 1,584,500) and at the current rate of hundreds of thousands per year, Tesla should be able to reach 2 million in 2021.

The previous milestone of 1 million units was reached in April 2020 (1,000,000th EV was produced on March 10, 2020).

Tesla Cumulative Sales - Q1 2021


There is no other company or brand that has sold so many electric cars globally (the Model 3 is the #1 all-electric and in general, plug-in model). However, other automotive groups, especially the Volkswagen Group, probably soon will challenge Tesla.

In around 10 years from now, Tesla might produce millions of cars annually. Judging on the battery production plans at 3,000 GWh (3 TWh) by 2030, it could be 30 million EVs per year.

Well, only time will tell whether those plans were real. For sure, Tesla would have to put on the market a more affordable EV than the 3/Y to expand into millions.

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