YouTuber Ryan Shaw reviews some of the latest refreshed Tesla Model S sightings, new Tesla Semi footage, new yoke steering wheel information, and other neat Tesla news. One story that stands out is about how Tesla possibly bought a big piece of land right next to Gigafactory Shanghai that's meant for new energy vehicle (NEV) production. If you don't have time to check out the 14-minute video, below is a nice outline, most of which we recently covered but there's a chance you missed some of it. 

Tesla $25k Car Factory 

The video's second story reveals how a 114-acre plot (in yellow below) of land was recently purchased very close to Giga Shanghai (red and gray colored building). The buyer hasn't been named but the plot of land will be used to build a factory for NEV production. If Tesla is the buyer, it would likely be for the production of Tesla's $25k electric car that's been confirmed to be made in China

Possible plot of land for Tesla $25k car
The possible plot of land for Tesla's $25k car factory.

Considering how fast Tesla factories are built, the timing would seem to work out because the $25k Tesla (possibly called Model 2) is scheduled to hit production next year and the factory could be completed by next Summer if construction starts soon. Gigafactory Texas construction started in July 2020 and production vehicles are supposed to roll off the production line this Summer. 

Refreshed Model S/X Smart Shift

Tesla Software V11

A photo of a refreshed Model S touchscreen shows a Smart Shift feature that can be toggled on or off. This is likely the system that is supposed to automatically shift gears for you through the help of Autopilot. However, there will be an "override" method that allows the driver to shift gears and it could possibly be through the touchscreen as shown in the video below. 


Another possible way the refreshed Model S could shift without Smart Shift is by using physical buttons located at the top of the center console as seen in photos of prototypes. Although, that likely won't happen. Instead, as the video states, the other way to "override" shift is through the right scroll wheel on the steering wheel. Apparently, pressing the scroll wheel will bring up a gear selector on the screen, then you scroll to what gear you want and click it. Please keep in mind this is all speculation so far. 

Yoke Steering Wheel 


According to the video, the same person that showed the refreshed Model S interior explained that the yoke steering wheel is happening after regulatory approval. Early refreshed Model S customers will get the round steering wheel but once the yoke is approved, Tesla will apparently retrofit the yoke steering wheel for free for those who want it. 

Other Tesla News

There was a fire at the Freemont factory that involved the huge Giga Press machine. Tesla filed a permit for additional fire protection in that part of the factory.

A refreshed Tesla Model S with seven seats was spotted at the Fremont factory with other refreshed Model Ss. It's obvious the third-row rear seats are meant for children, and they probably won't be available until further in production.  

tesla model s third row

Lastly, you can now buy a Tesla vehicle with Bitcoin and another Tesla Semi truck was spotted

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