It seems the internet may about to be flooded with images of the newly refreshed Tesla Model S. We assume Tesla is out delivering the cars since they were recently seen on car carriers. Tesla has about a week left in the quarter, so it's high time to ramp up deliveries in a big way.

With the refreshed Model S on the way and some already out in the wild, people have already been snapping photos and videos to share online. However, this is the first we've seen of an actual car in the wild with the touch-screen interface available for viewing. We can't be 100% sure, but it appears the car has Tesla's new Version 11 user interface.

The images were first posted on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit by EV fan u/FridayTheDog111. Interestingly, he said the photos were taken inside one of two refreshed Tesla Model S sedans with high miles, so these must be test cars.

The cars were traveling from Phoenix to Fremont, and they'd obviously stopped, otherwise getting these photos would have been impossible. There's was no information provided about where the pictures were taken, but Teslarati suggests it must have been at the Kettleman Supercharger.

Regardless, check out the images of the interface below:


For those unaware, Tesla is currently running software UI Version 10 in its cars, though Version 11 is due to come out. Version 10 has been in operation since September 2019. Tesla has provided several smaller over-the-air updates since then, but this appears to be a much larger update, which suggests it's the upcoming version.

As you can see, the 3D avatar is showing on the digital dashboard display. There are also changes to features like Tesla Theater and Caraoke. However, what's much more obvious is the additions to the Model S' "Driving" menu. You can see Smart Shift, Drag Strip Mode, and Insane Mode.

We assume Smart Shift is the feature Elon Musk talked about, that could eventually shift the car into Drive, Reverse, Neutral, and Park on its own. Insane Mode was used by Tesla in the past. It only makes sense the Drag Strip Mode would offer some type of launch settings to assure the best straight-line acceleration. Perhaps with the Model S Plaid, owners will have to tick this mode to pull off the sub-2-second zero-to-60-mph time.

At any rate, click on the Imgur image above to open the gallery of photos. In addition, watch the Tesla V11 software preview video below:

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