When you close the door of a Tesla Model 3 with the window down, it sometimes rattles. It's an issue many owners have experienced and there doesn't seem to be a fix for it. 

In the video, the Model 3 owner says other owners can raise the window an inch before closing the door to prevent the rattle. This allows the window to rest on the b-pillar when the door closes and not shake. It seems to work for him and it's something that's easy to do if you remember to do it. 

He also mentions that Tesla can do this with a software update by making the window raise an inch if it's down when you hit the exit button. It seems like an easy enough update for Tesla to do but there's probably a reason they haven't done it. A better but more expensive fix would be to redesign the window regulator because that's likely the main reason for the rattle. 

The Model 3 owner in the video blames it on the frameless windows. However, many vehicles have frameless windows that don't rattle. It probably has more to do with the design of the window regulator, but the frameless windows don't help. If a software update is doable and makes technical sense, Tesla should implement it because I can see how that rattle can be very annoying. And like the Model 3 owner in the video said, it can also be embarrassing, especially for a brand new car.

If you're a Tesla Model 3 owner, do you have the same door rattle issue? If so, how bad is it, and have you been able to make it better or fix it? Please comment below.

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