Michigan-based YouTube influencer and Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta tester Dirty Tesla has owned his Model 3 for two years. He's certainly racked up the miles over that time, with over 50,000 on the odometer.

This review is especially interesting to us not only because a few InsideEVs team members also live in Michigan, but also due to the fact that Dirty Tesla drives a Tesla in cold, snowy winter weather and tests FSD Beta.

Switching from a gas car to an EV is a big step. If you're considering it, you've almost certainly done some research about Tesla's vehicles. With the mixed reports out there about Tesla vehicle quality, battery degradation, and other concerns, how do you decide if the Model 3 is right for you?

Moreover, some people call Tesla's vehicles niche and novelty cars. If this is true, perhaps you should worry that once the whole "switching to an EV" concept is behind you, and the Tesla newness wears off, you might wish you hadn't taken the plunge.

We've read, watched, and shared a multitude of reviews from Tesla owners. We certainly search for reviews that are mixed or even negative, just to give you perspectives from both sides. However, almost invariably, every Tesla owner we know – as well as those we follow – is more than happy with their car overall. This is not to say Tesla's cars are perfect or free of any issues, though it seems the shortlist of primarily superficial negatives seems to be overshadowed by the long list of glaring positives.

At any rate, we believe this Model 3 ownership review is well done and worth sharing. Check it out and start a conversation below.

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