Even though Toyota is a pioneer in electrifying powertrains, it has fallen behind competitors when it comes to fully-electric powertrains. And it resisted the inevitable, industry-wide trend to launch EVs as much as it could, but now it has teased its first proper EV, a RAV4-sized SUV that will have no tailpipe emissions.

Actually, we’re not really sure if this teaser for a Toyota X Prologue previews just a single model, or an entire range of electric vehicles. If it does tease just a single model, then it is very likely the rumored new electric SUV. Right now, all we have is this single image and the promise that more will be revealed on March 17.

Literally all the manufacturer has said about the image so far is

Toyota is today giving a small glimpse of its upcoming X prologue.

Last year, the automaker confirmed that it was working on a small electric SUV that would ride on the e-TNGA platform. It will probably be a sister model to the Subaru Evoltis (also built on the same architecture), although it will look radically different - the headlight shown in the teaser is nothing like the one that will be fitted to the Evoltis. We expect the differentiation to be greater than between the current Toyota RAV4 and the Suzuki Across.

Toyota is quite late to the EV game, even though, as previously stated, it was a leader in vehicle electrification. And it still is a leader when it comes to non-plug-in hybrids, but it really needs to step up its EV effort in order to not risk being left behind even more.

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