Having friends is a nice thing, especially talented ones. After offering us his take on the $25,000 Tesla, the rendering artist @Theottle (look for his work on Instagram) sent us what he thinks that the future Porsche Taycan derivatives can be. He did these images inspired by the fact that Porsche is studying to produce a coupe, a convertible, and a shooting brake that rides lower than the new Cross Turismo.

Autocar talked to product boss Stefan Weckbach and learned about these intentions, as we already told you. It is not certain that these cars will ever see the daylight, but at least the beautiful convertible that could emerge from the Taycan’s J1 EV platform should.

This Is How A Convertible Porsche Taycan Could Look Like

The Taycan Sport Turismo, as @Theottle decided to call it, would also look really nice. Although the Cross Turismo handles pretty well – according to all journalists that had the chance to drive it – a low-riding version would be more faithful to the shooting brakes that it pays tribute to.

Porsche 718 Cayman Taycan Rendering

We have already presented a rendering from the two-door coupe. Although @Theottle has nothing to do with it, we will include it here to show what a Cayman powered by electricity could look like. Perhaps the electric motors would be a better match to the sports car than the four-cylinder engine Porsche chose to make it a less pollutant car. The fans that miss the six-cylinder engine noise could ask for a sound system that made it look like it has one.

As Weckbach told Autocar, Porsche intends to have a lineup composed of 80 percent of electric vehicles. That means all vehicles should have an electric version apart from the 911. Purists have complained so much about it getting a water-cooled engine that they will probably prefer to see the car die before it gets an electric motor. Ironically, it is exactly that perspective that should make them want one.

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