Tesla recently refreshed the Model Y with plenty of interior and exterior upgrades. One of those is an optional third row. The presenter from the YouTube channel EveryAmp / The Artists fka LivingTesla outlines all the differences between a two-row 2020 Tesla Model Y and a 2021 Model Y with a third row. He mentioned the Model Ys were only built nine months apart. 

The presenter reviews many interior upgrades, which include a new center console, double-pane windows, wireless charging, new window switches, new steering wheel scroll wheels, and the new heated seats and heated steering wheel controls. He also shows the differences in the cargo area between the two- and three-row Model Ys. 

Then he gets into the third row of the 2021 Model Y. As most presenters say, it's pretty tight, but there's a reason for that. It's not designed for adults. A lot of people have made videos showing how small the third row is for adults, but I'm not sure why because adults obviously don't belong there.


The Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV (similar to a Toyota RAV4) with a third row that was designed for children and/or small adults. SUVs of that size always have small third rows, you need to step up to a larger SUV for a third row that can fit adults. 

Something interesting he pointed out are the panel gaps and paint quality between the two Model Ys. Now, remember these two Model Ys were only built nine months apart. The 2021 Model Y had significantly better panel gaps and panel alignment versus the 2020 model. The paint quality was also much better on the 2021 model, as the presenter noted.



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