For those who aren't familiar with The Electric Man on YouTube, he makes different videos about his personal Tesla Model 3 but has recently started doing monthly build quality videos as well. He seems to frequent his local Tesla showroom in Oakville, Canada near Toronto. There, he records himself inspecting some of the latest Teslas the showroom just received. He normally walks around the car and checks out all the panel gaps and alignment of the doors. 

In this latest video, he inspects a batch of Tesla Model Ys that Tesla Oakville just received. The first two he checks out are good and acceptable in his opinion, but then it's all downhill from there. The next few Model Ys he inspects have panel gaps and unaligned doors that literally make him upset. He says he wouldn't take delivery of most of the Model Ys he saw and says that everyone who buys a Tesla should always inspect it very well for issues before they take it home. 

The Electric Man isn't trying to be malicious towards Tesla, he owns a Tesla and likes them. He just wants the build quality of Teslas to improve. In the video he says:

"There needs to be a focus on the quality build. We have to drive this message to Tesla, that we are not going to be accepting these vehicles with all these defects."

In the past, Tesla has received a lot of heat for build quality issues, especially when the Model 3 was first released. Since then, Tesla's build quality has greatly improved. Some might think The Electric Man is overreacting at the issues he points out. Also, it's possible that the service center there corrects some of those issues before customer delivery. Additionally, big legacy automakers have their own build quality issues as well. It's not just Tesla who, by the way, has much less experience in volume manufacturing than the big brands.  

Expect more build quality videos from The Electric Man in the coming months. What do you all think? Are the build quality issues he's finding a big deal? Would you want your Tesla delivered that way? Please comment below. 

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