Has anyone ever told you never to buy a car in its first year of production? This is surely a rule that some vehicle shoppers follow. However, when orders opened for the Tesla Model 3, over 500,000 people placed a reservation for the car. When Tesla began delivering the Model 3 in numbers, some complained about build quality.

We have to ask ourselves, did those early Model 3's really have fit and finish problems that were much worse than that of other cars, or were people just looking much more closely?

Automotive teardown expert Sandy Munro initially compared the Tesla Model 3 to a 90s Kia. Over time, he's changed his assessment drastically.

In this recent video, a few areas of minor concern are discovered upon close inspection. However, overall, it shows that Tesla has made notable progress. According to Teslafinity, while the Model 3 is not to the level of German luxury cars, you shouldn't be concerned with ordering one at this point, even if you do prioritize build quality.

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Video Description via Teslafinity - Sustainable Progress on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Build Quality | VIN 310,000+ / Q2 Built | How Good Has It Become?

My parents #European #Tesla Model 3 with the VIN 316,XXX got delivered and I took the chance to check up on the build #quality that newer productions builds have regarding paint, panel gaps, fit and finish, general build quality.

For context, Tesla improves their vehicles on a weekly basis, so the car coming off the production line this week might have some different parts or adjustments from the one next week. The VIN is an indication of how recent the build is and therefore means more learnings and improvements have been going into the product.

I decided to be really picky, went into details and did actually find a few “non-perfect” points here and there that I’m pointing out in this video, but was left very impressed with the progress that Tesla has made. At delivery, I also had a look at other new Model S, X and 3s and had the same impression that recent production samples are an overall joy, even in the details.

Ordering a Tesla vehicle by now seems to be a safe bet even if build quality is high up your list. As mentioned it doesn’t quite reach german premium cars level but leaves nothing to be desired.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions in the comment section about the car, quality related or not.

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