Tesla has been under scrutiny for years over the build quality and fit and finish of its vehicles. We've learned about many Model Y crossovers being delivered with issues, though we typically only see those issues rather than the cars that appear to be delivered in good shape.

This is because negative Tesla content is rampant online, though that doesn't mean many of the stories aren't true. Keep in mind, most people aren't going to take to the internet and social media to share how problem-free their car is, but they're sure to share its problems.

This all makes us wonder if high-quality Model Y vehicles are even a reality. Do they exist? According to many people, they do. However, it's clear that there has been a real lack of consistency since the Model Y's launch.

It's difficult to know if some of the stories are just one-off concerns or if we should expect that most Model Y vehicles will be delivered with imperfections and issues. In a perfect world, there wouldn't be these regular inconsistencies, though they can be found among cars from even the most successful legacy automakers. What we can't prove without a doubt is whether Tesla's quality concerns are greater than those of competing automakers, or if there's just more attention on Tesla's quality.

Tesla continues to assert that it's working to improve quality control. Since the automaker is making it clear that it's working on it, it obviously must be a reality. Apparently, Tesla will soon employ a camera system that "watches" the assembly line in an effort to discover fit and finish inconsistencies. We do know that Tesla improved the quality of its Model 3 significantly over time, but it wasn't until many months after the car's launch.

So, how do you check on the quality of the Tesla Model Y, or any car really? Checking out current cars at a delivery center is one step in the right direction. YouTube channel The Electric Man does just that. He has kept us up-to-date with his findings over the months.

In the end, while Tesla's overall quality control is important for the company as a whole, what's most important to you is that your individual vehicle is free of issues. Be sure to look it over carefully before taking delivery. Don't accept it if there are concerns. Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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