It's probably pretty safe to assume no one expected the Tesla Model Y to have a mammoth third row. In fact, many SUVs don't have adult-sized third rows. Sure, you'll find spacious third rows in huge SUVs like the Ford Expedition, as well as a handful of the larger midsize SUVs (Volkswagen Atlas). However, it's simply not the case when it comes to compact and midsize crossovers.

Most SUV buyers who need a 3-row SUV are planning to put children back there. Kids in car seats can go in the second row, closer to their parents, and secured by a LATCH system. Older children and/or smaller adults can then sit in the third row.

In this recent video shared by Good Drive, they head to Fashion Island, Newport Beach to check out the 3-row, 7-seat Tesla Model Y. The automaker just launched the newest option about two weeks ago. It hit Tesla's online configurator along with the new Model Y Standard Range.

Fortunately, Tesla is now making the 7-seat Model Y available for viewing at select Tesla showrooms. People can see it and sit in it, but sadly, test drives are still limited to 2-row models. Good Drive spends some time checking out the 3-row Model Y, sitting inside it, and showing us the seating space and storage space. You can skip to 3:07 in the video to see it for yourself.

As you can see, they also compare the trunk space between the 2-row and 3-row models. At 5 feet 6 inches, the presenter has a reasonable amount of legroom in the rearmost row, though his head touches the glass unless he ducks a bit. For those looking for test-drive footage of the Model Y, you may not yet find one in a 7-seat model. However, Good Drive takes us for a ride in the 5-seat Model Y.

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