Late on Thursday, January 7, 2021, Tesla updated its Model Y configurator with the new Standard Range rear-wheel-drive variant. Scrolling a bit deeper into the Model Y build process reveals the option for third-row seating. 

UPDATE: Tesla has published an image of the third row.

tesla model y third row

We weren't surprised to see Tesla finally release a cheaper version of the Model Y, though we were surprised it was the Standard Range option. This is because CEO Elon Musk previously said in a Tweet that Tesla wouldn't be making a Model Y Standard Range since it would have an "unacceptably low" range of fewer than 250 miles.


Despite the above, Tesla has launched the Model Y Standard Range with 244 miles of EPA-estimated range. It carries a starting price of $41,990, which is right in line with our expectations. The Model Y Standard Range is a single-motor rear-wheel-drive crossover with a 5.3-second zero-to-60-mph time and a top speed of 135 mph. According to Tesla's website, the estimated delivery timing for the Model Y Standard Range is currently at 2-5 weeks.

The Tesla Model Y third-row option doesn't jump out at you as you visit the automaker's website. However, if you've been keeping your eyes on it, you may know that the option is a few pages deep in the configurator. After choosing your crossover's color and wheels, you'll move forward to the page with what Tesla officially calls the "Seven Seat Interior." It's a $3,000 option. Adding the third row does not change the estimated delivery timeline.


According to the information provided upon clicking on the 7-seat option, it explains that the row will seat two passengers, offer easy entry, and fold flat for cargo. Sadly, Tesla still doesn't provide a photo of the third-row seating. However, the video below helps. Check it all out and then leave us a comment.


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