Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw was one of the first people to take delivery of a Model Y electric crossover, about nine months ago. He breaks down exactly what he's paid to own his Model Y over time. Shaw also estimates what it will cost to own a Model Y over the life of the car.

The cheapest Tesla Model Y still comes in at around $50,000. This is because Tesla still only offers the electric crossover in two configurations. Both are dual-motor all-wheel drive. The big difference between the models is that one is a Performance model and the other is not. Tesla has plans to eventually offer the Model Y is several other configurations, including a three-row option, as well as less expensive choices.

We often wonder how well the Model Y is selling. One could assume people must be lined up to buy it, or Tesla would have already offered more discounts or a cheaper version by now. This would likely be especially true as it pulls out all the stops to assure record deliveries for Q4 2020 and the year as a whole. 

However, interestingly, Tesla has refreshed its Model 3, seemingly in an effort to ramp up deliveries. In addition, it's now offering one year of free, unlimited Supercharging for Model 3 and Model Y buyers in North America.

With all of that said, is it worth it to drop over $50,000 on a Model Y? How does the cost of ownership compare to that of a "normal" car? What can you expect to pay?

Ryan Shaw has kept track of every expense to spell out exactly what his Model Y has cost him. He notes that he put $10,000 down, which he didn't have to do, and his trade-in wasn't worth much. So far, with the $10,000 down added in, he's paid about $16,000 in nine months. His long-term estimate figures he'll spend about $68,000 over six years.

Give the informative video a watch and then share your EV ownership cost and experience with us in the comment section below.

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