This is the culmination of Ben Sullins' data-driven work to date. He's started redirecting his YouTube channel's focus, and he sold his Tesla Model 3. So, he decided it was time to take a look back to where it all began, sharing his Model 3 cost-of-ownership data with the world.

If you're a Tesla fan, it's hard to imagine you're not familiar with Ben Sullins. He bought his first Tesla about four years ago. Sullins developed a YouTube channel – Teslanomics – with a focus on collecting and reporting data. Who knew it would grow as large as it has? Whether you're a Tesla fan or a Sullins fan matters not, but there's no discounting the fact that his massive collection of data is very helpful to current and future EV owners.

Early on, Sullins provided deep dives into EV cost of ownership, specifically related to Tesla's first "affordable," "mass-market" offering, the Tesla Model 3. He's been compiling data for years, and it's finally time to share the whole collection.

This is not the usual 10,000-mile cost analysis with the typical estimated depreciation, etc., but rather every penny Sullins spent from the day he bought his Model 3 until the day he sold it. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more complete picture, with real numbers and no assumptions or estimates. In addition, it turns out to be a bit of a history lesson about the Model 3, from its launch to the changes in pricing, features, and offerings, to the present.

In the end, Ben's three-year Tesla Model 3 cost-of-ownership works out to $26,639. Based on data from Edmunds, that's a bit more than owning a Honda Accord and much less than owning a BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, or Lexus IS.

You'll have to watch Sullins' brief video for the full picture. It would also be helpful if you could post your personal EV cost-of-ownership figures in the comment section below. We're curious if others have had a similar experience. Moreover, we'd like to know about non-Tesla electric cars.

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