Canadian Tesla-centric YouTuber Tesla Canuck just took delivery of his brand new Tesla Model Y, and after going over it thoroughly, he only found a single small defect. But we’re not here to talk about that, because you know there is a chance a new Tesla may have some minor flaws - this video is about that all important redesigned center console and how it changes the interior.

Why such a big fuss about a center console, though? Well, the pre-refresh design of the center console, in both the Model Y and Model 3 wasn’t ideal in some people’s eyes (the consoles are slightly different, but have the same problems). Many considered the magnetic latch a bit fidgety (you can’t close the lids in a hurry), but most found the piano black trim (which is a fingerprint magnet) not very practical and proceeded to wrap it in something matte.

Tesla addressed both those issues with the refreshed Model Y and Model 3 interior and added wireless charging in there for good measure. Now, with the new center console, the interior is definitely better than before and it makes both the Model Y and Model 3 more pleasant to live with.

Yet the modifications Tesla made to the Model Y and Model 3 are nothing compared to the radical makeover it gave the interior of the larger Model X and Model S. These larger offerings get different screens and a U-shaped yoke instead of a traditional steering wheel (among other less significant changes).

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