Popular and seasoned YouTube influencer Ben Sullins says he's considering a 7-seat Tesla Model Y. In fact, his family is trying to decide if they should order the new Model Y Standard Range with the available third row. What do Ben and his wife think about this option? Should they move forward or choose something else?

Since the Tesla Model Y was launched back in March 2020, it carried a starting price of around $50,000. Tesla promised, just like it did with the Model 3, that other versions and cheaper versions were coming later.

Fast-forward to last week and Tesla surprised us. Rather than launching a Long Range rear-wheel-drive Model Y, it launched the Standard Range. This all came after CEO Elon Musk said that there would no longer be a Standard Range version since it wouldn't have enough range. Interestingly, Tesla also announced the availability of the optional third row on the same day, and you can get it on any "trim."

Now, the Model Y has a starting price of $41,990. That's for the Standard Range rear-wheel-drive Model Y with 244 miles of range. It costs $3,000 to add the third row. In total, the cheapest 7-seat Model Y is $44,990, still $5,000 cheaper than any Model Y available prior to last week.

The difficult part here is that anyone who has ordered or is considering the 3-row Model Y has little information to go on. Tesla hesitated to show the car, reveal the rear seats, or post images of those seats with passengers inside. Recently, the automaker has shared a few images and videos showing the seats and their functionality, but nothing is very revealing.

If you're considering the 7-seat Model Y, perhaps Sullins' video will help shed some light. Check it out and then let us know if you think the 3-row Model Y Standard Range is worth it.

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