Tesla recently shared some videos revealing and discussing the Model Y's third-row seats. Previously, we shared an image with you (below) that shows the seats. It gives us some idea of how little legroom there may be back there, though the angle makes it arguably difficult to discern, not to mention the second-row seats closest to the camera are folded down. We're not ready to pass judgment until we can actually sit in the seats ourselves.

tesla model y third row

Many people, including our team at InsideEVs, have been asking for images and video of the Model Y's third-row seats for months. Even when Tesla officially launched the 7-seat Model Y, there were no accompanying photos of the third row.

Now, Tesla has produced and shared a few videos that attempt to "show" the third-row seats. The videos actually do a better job of explaining the operation of both the second and third rows. However, the videos aren't very clear, it's sometimes dark when the third row is showing, and there are no passengers sitting in the seats. It's clear that in order to open up the room back there, the second-row seats can slide forward. Tesla Owners Online suggests that it appears there's about 5 to 6 inches of second-row movement.


We first saw the video in the tweet above, after which we tracked it down on YouTube, along with another clip. We're curious as to why it's not yet on Tesla's social media channels or YouTube channel. Perhaps it will come soon, much like the image from last week. Hopefully, there will be more revealing images and videos soon. At this time, they're not yet on the Model Y support page. We've attached the other video below:

Check out the videos and let us know what you think of the Model Y's third row. Is there room for two adults? Are you planning to order and take delivery of the 7-seat Model Y? Let us know in the comment section below.

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