Popular YouTube influencer and Tesla owner Andy Slye has compiled a highly informative and well-put-together guide for Tesla owners. If you're a new owner, prospective owner, or even someone who has had a Tesla for a time, it's likely you'll find plenty of valuable information in the video above.

As a website, and writer, covering Tesla, we often find it difficult to find important information. This is due in part to the fact that Tesla doesn't provide a wealth of details on its official website. It's also not very transparent when it comes to many specifics that most legacy automakers publish freely. Moreover, Tesla doesn't really have a traditional press team, and it's not the easiest company to contact via a phone call or email.

Instead of going the more traditional route, Tesla uses social media to make announcements and interact with customers and fans. It also counts on its followers to spread the news and help one another. If you have a question about your Tesla or some weird issue, you can probably get it answered or figured out in minutes by jumping on Twitter, Facebook, or a Tesla forum.

While Tesla does provide an owner's manual for its cars, there's not a lot of official information provided to owners online. It's super simple to order a Tesla, but once you take delivery, it's up to you to learn everything about the car. We suggest reading the owner's manual in its entirety, though we're well-aware most people don't typically do that. Tesla also provides several helpful videos online.

Keep in mind, driving a Tesla isn't much different than driving any car, though arguably much better. Most people should have no problem jumping in a Tesla and hitting the road. However, figuring everything else out requires time and research. This is especially true if you're not big on computers and the latest technology.

Slye's video provides a complete guide to owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y in 2021. He says watching this video could allow you to "master" Tesla driving and ownership in under an hour. The video covers exterior, interior & controls, the touchscreen display, software, the mobile app, driving, Tesla Autopilot, and Full Self-Driving (FSD).

Set aside some time and watch the video above. Then, let us know your takeaways. Did Slye miss anything critical? If so, leave it in the comment section to help other Tesla owners.

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