...and maybe killed the Tesla referral program in the process.

We're jealous of Andy Slye. The popular tech YouTuber is destined to be the owner of not one, but two examples of the Tesla Roadster. He managed this by bending the Tesla referral program to his will, influencing over 300 buyers to use his referral code when they purchased their own vehicle from the California automaker. And, he managed to do it in a very short period of time: two months. In the video above, he reveals the secrets that paved his path to Roadsterdom.

Unfortunately, even using his methods, there's no time for anyone to similarly cash in on the program. It ends on Friday, February the 1st. Still, it's a pretty great story and he tells it well. Basically, the key is making informative videos with a twist. Oh, and be sure to mention that you even have a referral code and include it.

He also explains why he doesn't believe it was the success of certain "TeslaTubers" that killed the program, but rather the prizes handed out to the referees.

If you can't watch at the moment, the video description (copied below) has the complete timeline of his Tesla adventure so far. From the time he first heard about the company, to reserving his own Model 3 to eventually winning his Roadsters. Enjoy!

Video description:

Tesla Referral Program is ending! I was fortunate enough to be the world’s top Tesla referrer with 300+ referrals, earning me $500,000 in Tesla Roadsters in just 2 months. Here's how I did it. 

2008: I first hear of Tesla Motors & the original Roadster. 2012: Tesla Model S starts shipping & making the news. I was fascinated by all the tech but it was way out of my price range.

2014: Model S comic made me officially decide that my next car would be the affordable mass-market Tesla. https://theoatmeal.com/static/tesla_m...

March 2016: Upload my first ever Tesla video when I traveled to Cincinnati to reserve my Model 3. That video got the most views within 24 hours than any of my videos up to that point. https://youtu.be/Gnp_nTIbjWo

May 2017: Created a video for the Tesla Project Loveday contest. Even though it got a lot of positive feedback I was heartbroken when I wasn’t one of the finalists. https://youtu.be/16yoUARpQCE

Feb 28 2018: Uploaded my “First Impressions of the Model 3” video after traveling hundreds of miles & paying $300 to rent one. I immediately fell in love with the car. https://youtu.be/rin816IHnbQ

Apr 22 2018: I release my Tesla rap video. https://youtu.be/ou_gXnE3VPk

Apr 30 2018: I take delivery of my Tesla Model 3. I did not have a referral code of my own at this time.

May 11 2018: After Tesla starts enabling referral codes for Model 3 owners, I create my Genius link http://geni.us/t3sla but at the time the code only applied to Model S & X purchases.

Jun 24 2018: I upload my full Model 3 review video which eventually becomes the #1 result on YouTube for “Tesla Model 3 Review”. However I never mentioned my referral code in the video. It was only in the description. https://youtu.be/47OFb8786ko Aug 1 2018: Tesla enables referral codes to be applied to Performance Model 3 orders along with Model S & X.

Sep 6 2018: I upload my “True Cost of a Tesla Model 3” video which eventually becomes one of my most popular videos. https://youtu.be/x0MjZOR89Fk

Oct 7 2018: I upload my “Tesla Model 3 Uber/Lyft” video which goes semi-viral after Elon liked it on Twitter & Tesla tweeted it: https://twitter.com/tesla/status/1050.... Around this time I notice that I've gotten a handful of referrals. https://youtu.be/0Z3ZjnwbA3s

Oct 19 2018: Tesla makes all vehicle orders eligible for referrals so I start mentioning my code in all my Model 3 videos from then on.

Nov 11 2018: I upload my “Tesla Model 3 Buyers Guide” video. At that time the referral program was set to end on Dec 10 so I had less than a month to get over 30 referrals in order to reach 55 referrals which was the amount needed to win 100% discount on one future Tesla Roadster. This was also when Tesla was urging people to order their Model 3 by the end of November to lock in the full tax credit. This skyrocketed my referrals. https://youtu.be/gM_x5DKAfzk

Nov 15 2018: I upload a video about how my Model 3 handled cold weather conditions: https://youtu.be/UCUBRYusWnA

Nov 16 2018: I hit 55 referrals to win my first Roadster.

Nov 25 2018: I release my Model 3 Road Trip video. By this time, Tesla was strongly pushing Model 3 sales and this is when my referrals went crazy - multiple per day. I surpassed 105 referrals which was the amount needed to win a 2nd Roadster. https://youtu.be/_druzFXjZAc Dec 4 2018: I become the world's top Tesla referrer with over 200 referrals: https://top.teslastats.no How did my small amount of Model 3 videos lead to roughly $15 million revenue for Tesla? Value & Unique Perspective: Producing high quality content for a specific audience it in a unique way. Passion & Timing: I’ve been passionate about Tesla for years even before I got my Model 3. My videos mixed with the increasing popularity & excitement of the Model 3 along with Tesla’s biggest sales push due to the federal tax credit ending - it all happened at the perfect time for me as a referrer. Experience & Strategy: The strategy I used to create my Tesla videos that led to 300 referrals is the same strategy I’ve used for years to create my other product review videos: provide value to a target audience and give them a call to action.

My YouTube strategy course: http://geni.us/YTcourse

Why is Tesla ending the referral program? I personally think Tesla couldn’t afford to keep giving away free Supercharging to each referral. What do you think? Big thanks to Tesla for the referral program. I’m very fortunate to have participated & have the most Tesla referrals in the world. Thanks to all who used my code!

Source: YouTube

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