The last few times we shared a video with you about the 7-seat Model Y, there was no test drive. Instead, people were visiting local Tesla stores where the 3-row model was available and simply checking out the interior. Eventually, we saw people of different sizes sitting in the rear seats. However, now, some Tesla shoppers are enjoying the opportunity to test drive the 7-seat Model Y

As you can see, the lady in the video – who's six feet tall (1.83 meters) – can get into the rearmost seats, though it's a bit of a challenge, as expected. Like most three-row vehicles, you have to push the second-row seat forward and sort of "slide" your way in.

In terms of legroom, she says her knees aren't quite hitting the back of the second-row seats, but she wishes for another inch or so of space. The bigger issue can be observed once the hatch is closed. If she sits upright, her head touches the glass, so she'd have to lean or turn a bit to be more comfortable. However, she says it's definitely not that comfortable. 

Following the assessment of the third-row seat size, it's time to take the Model Y for a ride. The big question here is, will she hit her head when the electric crossover goes over bumps? We asked ourselves early on if this may have been why Tesla was slow in letting people take the crossover out for a spin, but it's more likely that there just simply weren't yet enough 3-row Model Y crossovers available to be sending them out on test drives.

At any rate, she hits her head almost as soon as the Model Y begins to move in the parking lot. So, if you're planning on buying a 7-seat Model Y for 6-foot-tall adults, you may want to reconsider. However, we do know that the majority of folks buying a compact three-row SUV aren't planning to use the third row for adults on a regular basis. It would be best left to children, as is the case with most rivals' models.

Check out the video above to learn much more about the 7-seat Model Y and how it compares to the 5-seat version. Then, leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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