Aptera’s resurrection is going pretty well, thanks for asking. The latest news from the company is that it has completed the rounds of Series A funding with over $4 million as a result. If that was not enough to celebrate, the startup already has more than 7,000 orders for its cars, totaling $250 million in sales without a single EV delivered so far.

It may not be as many as the reservations received by Tesla with the Model 3 or the Cybertruck. Still, it is worth remembering that the Aptera is a two-seater trike, with a much narrower audience than that of a sedan or a pickup truck. It aims for people who focus on energy efficiency, which is what it promises to deliver.

Aptera Reveals $25,900, 1,000-Mile EV Never Charge Solar Electric Car

As we have already told you, Sandy Munro will help Aptera reach production. He said this in the press release issued by the company:

“I’m betting on a solar future, and I’m betting on Aptera. The industry needs more creative engineering like this to progress ahead. I’m happy to be assisting Aptera as they move into production and beyond.”

Chris Anthony, one of Aptera’s co-founders, said this about Munro’s assistance:

“We’re excited to have Sandy’s support as we move into the Beta Design design phase of our Solar Electric Vehicles production plan. His decades of automotive knowledge and genius analysis of other EV players is great validation that we’re on the right path.”

Aptera has already moved to the new production plant in the Sorrento Valley we mentioned on January 15. The 60,500-square-foot facility will house manufacturing and product development. According to the company, it will focus on “advanced 3D printing, composites, UI/UX development, and battery technologies development.”

Just like Riversimple, Aptera will probably prefer to have small manufacturing units created in the markets it will supply instead of having a massive plant somewhere to export these cars everywhere.

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